WATCH: Ukrainian Fighters Demonstrate An Anti-Drone Rifle To Take On The New Threat

The Russia-Ukraine conflict is still ongoing with no signs of a ceasefire so far. However, during this tenure, Ukraine tried to counter this war with the best military technology possible and has also been funded by some developed countries for the provision of military ammunition. On the other hand, Russia was already a strong candidate for war positions, but Ukraine had tried its level best to acquire some state-of-the-art technological weapons to counter the Russian invasion. Recently, Ukraine has got its hands on an anti-drone rifle that counteracts the opponent’s drone through its directional interfering beam technology.

This new masterpiece has been developed by a company in Ukraine named “KVERTUS technology”, located in the Ivano-Frankivsk region. Currently, 80 units have been manufactured, which is expected to increase as per the war situation. The drones sent from Russia were basically for the surveillance of Ukrainian soldiers, and to prevent this from happening, these anti-drone rifles will now do their part. This intense directional and interfering radio beam from the rifle can power cut all the communications to and from the drone and not let the opponent know the position and activities of the soldiers on the other side.

The gun basically plays with the communicational and navigational functions of the drone, and after losing communication through the beam, the drone doesn’t know where to go and what to do, as stated in the video. Interestingly, there is no structural damage done to the drone, it’s all a game of radio beam interaction and programming. Yaroslav Filimonov, who is the acting director of KVERTUS Technologies, said that the drone just landed at a place where it was being jammed. It doesn’t know where to go unless it was being dislocated to some other place through strong winds because it had already lost control.

As far as this rifle is concerned, then it is being integrated with radio generators and microchips that help in compelling the drones to lose their control, as can be seen in the video. The device is extremely easy to use, having only one button for on and off purposes. There is zero probability of making any mistake in its operation by the soldiers, even in stressful situations. It can focus its beam at a range of up to 3.5 kilometers to bring down the drones.

However, if you wish to acquire this gun, then you must have $12,000 in your hands, and that too, for a single unit. Not easily affordable, right? But not too expensive for the life of a soldier, which could otherwise be compromised through surveillance drones.

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