WATCH: UK Marines Board Ships In Different Ways Using Gravity Jetpacks

A new advanced method to board a ship is being experimented by the British Royal Marines which involves flying to the ship with the help of a jetpack.

Gravity Industries manufactures jetpacks and in their recently released video, we can see a marine wearing a jet engine-powered suit to reach a close-by ship post nearing it on a powerboat. In one of the clips, the marine is seen landing and pulling out a handgun which portrays how the police and military plan to use the jetpack for quick infiltration missions.

The marine reached the close by ship in record time. This video was released in succession to another video posted where a Dutch special ops soldier completes a similar task.

The jet suits are designed with 2 jet engines at the arm and two at the back to create a 1000 horsepower upthrust. As a result of the innovative design, the person using it can change their speed and trajectory by the movement of their arms.

Richard Browning, founder of Gravity Industries in 2019 broke his own world speed record flying over England’s Brighton Pier closer to a speed of 85mph, wearing a similar jet suit.

The company has closely worked with UK ambulance services to help paramedics access hard to reach areas quickly.

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