WATCH: Truck Full Of Fireworks Explodes Spectacularly

In Toledo, Ohio, a local neighborhood turned Pink in a most spectacular fashion as a result of an amateur fireworks display.

Initially, it feels like that the video is from a battleground. The sounds imitating those of an MG fire can be heard. People flee in a frenzy following the sounds, not knowing what is happening exactly. When the explosions die down, the best part happens, people move to the site to assess the damage, and echoes of “Woooo!!” in unison can be heard. The explosions were administered from a U-Haul Truck. 


The fireworks happened at a local party in Toledo. The individuals in the video can be seen enjoying themselves to the extent. However, the people in the video have used occasional slurs in the video at around the 2:30 mark.

People are seen screaming and talking about the fireworks and the resulting fires that took place. Moving to and fro from the U haul truck, individuals can be seen doing their best to take out the fire but to no avail.

This is not the first time this summer that fireworks have been misused. It was comparatively a sombre event when the LA Police seized thousands of pounds of firework that was kept illegally. What followed was absolutely bizarre. They decided to set off the explosive, causing an explosion that injured 17 people and wrecked vehicles parked nearby along with houses in the vicinity. 

On a closing note, we would like to advise you to leave the handling of fireworks and every other explosive to professionals. The summer mood can make you do stupid things, but we must let sanity prevail so that we may not damage ourselves, others and our belongings beyond recovery or repair.

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