This 3 Year Timelapse Shows How Seattle Has Grown Over The Years


Mostly time-lapses cover only a few hours or days and create videos that make the world move faster and show big changes in few minutes. However, Ricardo Martin Brulla created an aerial time-lapse of Seattle that shows the city growing and evolving over a period of three years. He didn’t even need to set up the camera himself to capture the video, thanks to the high definition 360 panoramic cameras installed on the Space Needle some years ago.

Brualla only had to capture two panoramas every day. This gave him over 2000 HD images that he needed to sequence, stabilize and then performed color correction on them. The color correction was performed to smooth out any abrupt changes in lighting and weather conditions as seasons came and went. The timelapse that resulted is absolutely fascinating and unique to look at. Check it out

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