WATCH: Thousands Of Fish Dumped Into Utah Lake From A Plane

The earth consists of numerous ecological systems. The most important factor to keep an ecological system intact is balance. The balance is an incumbent characteristic of an ecological system. If this is not maintained, even the tiniest details can lead to colossal consequences. The world we reside in is already degenerating and sometimes, this ecological balance has to be restored manually. The authorities in Utah are specifically doing this.

Under the approval of The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR), there are people flying the plane to the lakes and areas of water that are not easily accessible by foot or cars and bringing fish from there to regular lakes. This method is called the dumping of fish and has been going on for decades now. Reports say that this mechanism has been going on since 1956. These reports are sourced from Live Science.

The most abundant fish that are brought to these lakes are mainly a kind of trout called splake and Arctic grayling. This method has received the limelight and focus of social media lately when a video went viral where fish were let out of the plane into the lakes with tons of water. This video intrigued the audience and raised various questions.

The reason stated by the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) is that they are restocking the lakes. These lakes like the Bicknell Lake are one of the most famous spots for tourism and for fishing. The fish is brought from other lakes and dumped here to rejuvenate the lake. Hundreds of pounds of water are carried along with approximately 35000 fish. It might be a harsh method for transportation of smaller fish, but the dump is carried out with caution. Taking care of the cliffs and mountains, the airplane is stopped as low as it can be, and then fish are let out so there is less damage. 95 percent of the fish are successfully transferred. There was an alternative method of taking the fish on foot or on horses but the airplane is less traumatizing and faster than those methods.

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