Watch This Youtuber Make A Hilarious Parody Of The Latest Apple Keynote Event

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Almost all of you have seen the latest keynote by Apple, right? It has been doing rounds on the Internet, and Wonderful Engineering covered it as well. Now get ready for its parody – something that people most likely already had on their minds. The parody comes from YouTube user ‘jacksfilms’ who is also known as Jack Douglas.

Jack Douglas Made A Parody of the Latest Apple Keynote Event

Jack Douglas is known for creating parody videos about various stuff. This time, the famous YouTube user decided to create a video that is focused on Apple’s keynote event. Quite frankly speaking, all of the points that he has raised were already among the minds of people. Jack Douglas simply brought them into the limelight with his parody of Apple’s keynote event.

The keynote event of Apple took place at Cupertino, California, last Tuesday. It was during this keynote event that Apple launched the much-anticipated and awaited new iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch models along with two new subscription services. One of the subscription services is Apple Arcade – a gaming service that has been designed for Apple and by Apple. Whereas, the second subscription service is that of Apple TV+ – a streaming service quite similar to Netflix.

Jack Douglas Made A Parody of the Latest Apple Keynote Event

The parody video about the keynote event jabs at Apple by utilizing the famous game Frogger, where the new Apple Arcade was debuted with the 80s arcade classic. The video goes on to make fun of the iPhone, where Jack Douglas talks about how they have very little difference between each variant. He also quips about the iPhone’s new feature: Slow Selfies.

The way we see it; the keynote event didn’t quite live up to the expectations of the consumers, including Jack Douglas. This gave him the perfect opportunity to make a parody video detailing different things that Apple could potentially do differently. Anyhow, that is enough from us. Check out the video below by Jack Douglas and do let us know what you think of it!

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