Watch This Water Jet Carve A pumpkin Into A Perfect Jack-o-Lantern


The Halloween season has had its fair share of effect on YouTube as well, with spooky videos and dressing up competitions prevalent everywhere. And while most of them are simply a good way to kill time, this particular video was both educational as well as AWESOME.

The Waterjet Channel recently showed how to carve a picture-perfect pumpkin like a pro. They used a technique called water jet cutting, which utilises water coming through a nozzle at a pressure of 60,000 psi to cut through any material. This technique is used quite frequently in metal, wood, plastic cutting due to its simplicity and lack of dangers associated with torch cutting. And this time, it was used to carve out a perfect  jack-o’-lantern pumpkin in under 30 seconds, although it has to be said that this does take out the fun of carving it by hand.

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