Watch This Video To Learn How Staring At Screens Impacts Your Eyes

how blue screen time affects your eyes

Usage of screens is nearly everywhere these days and avoiding them is also inevitable. People spend most of their time staring at their screens. According to a study, an average American adult spends more than 11 hours per day watching, reading, listening, or interacting with other screen-based technology. Researchers surveyed to find out how this exposure is damaging humans. Many studies conducted previously concluded that temporary stresses like headaches and eye strain were linked to the screen time.

The YouTube channel SciShow also compiled a video, showing some long-term effects of the exposure to screens on human eyes. Digital eye strain can be linked to various causes from a wrong prescription for lenses to not blinking often. However, this can be fixed with resting properly. What cannot be fixed is the damage from blue light exposure from these devices. Blue light exposure comes from the low wavelength of the light and can lead to damaging the cells in the eyes through apoptosis — most studies are surrounding the blue light exposure deal with the concentrated light for extended periods.

The studies clearly show the damage of the blue light, but it is not done in the real world capacity. The only way to avoid these long-term damages is to give your eyes a break from all the devices. We don’t realize the extent of the damage until it is too late to do something about it. Watch the video below to learn how your screen is harming your eyes.

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