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Watch This Surprising Phenomenon When You Squirt A Balloon With An Orange Peel

Orange Peel sprayed on balloon

Orange peels appear different to different people. Some consider them trash and throw them away as soon as they lay eyes on them. Others like to have fun with them and squirt their acidic citrus at each other’s eyes before throwing them out. But here we have an interesting activity by the end of which all of you will like to have fun with them every once in a while.

The orange peel is high on citrus and limonene oil. Yes both of them irritate your eyes but that’s not the only thing they are capable of doing. In this activity, you would require some inflated balloons of all sizes and an orange to cut the peels off.  So we start by cutting the peel off.

Once the peel is cut off, you squirt it on one of the balloons. This is what happens next.

You can blast a lot of balloons from a single peel apparently. Here are some more demonstrations.

For those of you curious about the science behind this, the limonene oil present in the peel reacts with the balloon’s surface material to create a hole, thereby deflating the balloon violently. Do try this fun stuff at home especially at your next birthday party. Make sure you blast all of them at the end of the day!

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