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This Footage From An Abandoned Aquarium Looks Like It’s Straight Out of a Horror Film

Disturbing images of a mummified shark that appears like a zombie, along with other rotting dead sea creatures have been captured in new footage of an abandoned aquarium.

The video that has gone viral was taken by the “urban explorers” who broke into the unnamed aquarium in Spain. The video was posted on YouTube by a French woman who goes by the name of Juj’ Urbex, along with several shorter clips on her TikTok. 

The video shows the rotting remains of a small reef shark inside a broken display case.

The body appeared to have been treated with chemicals and kept in an airtight case to preserve it, but after the case broke and the shark was exposed, it started to slowly decay, giving it a zombie-like appearance.

Discovering the dried-out remains of the shark “made me feel a lot of sorrow for this beast” even though it was already dead, Juj’ Urbex said in the video translated into English. 

The explorers also found the decomposed remains of an octopus and squid inside separate shattered glass jars.

They also found two sea stars, but they had not decayed.

There was also a huge replica of a giant squid made from foam, which probably used to hang from the ceiling but has since fallen to the floor.

The explorers have not disclosed the location of the aquarium, to prevent copycat explorers from visiting the site and to avoid being caught (urban exploring is a form of trespassing), Juj’ Urbex said in the video. The aquarium was closed in 2014 after a 43-foot (13 meters) wave damaged the building.

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