This Man Trusts His Robot Enough To Play A Dangerous Knife Game

robotic hand with knife

If there ever be a robot apocalypse, it will surely be initiated by the human stupidity of arming the robots. While this is not as crazy as advocating a shooting robot, it surely is right up there in “things you should not do with a robot”.

This worker probably slept in the safety session of his job orientation as giving a robotic hand a knife is a never a good idea, except of course if you are desperate to rack up those views on YouTube or simply are an adrenaline junkie.

Prepare to be sitting on the edge of your seat as the man allows the Stäubli TX40 industrial arm with a giant knife to stab its way between his fingers. Mind you, a single interpolation point missed and you can see the “game” turn into a real messy one!

Natural selection I suppose!

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