Wonderful Engineering

Watch This Robot Work On Wood Like An Expert Carpenter

This probably is the finest example of robots taking over the contemporary jobs for good. These amazing carpenter robots seem to be at least as good as any professional carpenter, if not better. Using a bionic arm and versatile joints, the robot can perform any function autonomously, from clutching the wooden bars and taking them on the saw desk to grind off the excess wood.

As with all the robots, they also bring incredible persistence and accuracy in the process. As seen in the video, the robot can even be used to carve out intricate and unique designs, meaning it is the complete package. Add the generic benefits of no vacations, no off days, no sickness, no injuries etc. and surely the work efficiency will skyrocket.

This will indeed make the jobs of carpenters a lot more safe and fast, along with allowing them to forgo the daily mundane tasks and focus more on the creative aspects of their skills.

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