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New Exoskeleton For The US Army Gives Soldiers Superhuman Abilities

When Iron Man came out, many of us fantasized about having the suit that Tony Stark builds in the movie. Over the years, the iron man suit has become one of the most iconic technology across the comics and pop culture as well. Sarcos Robotics has come up with its own rendition of iron man suit. We have witnessed many attempts at creating something similar to the iron man suit, but we believe that Sarcos Robotics would be the closest to the original.

Sarcos Robotics is a global leader in robot systems designed for the sake of augmentation of the human body. Instead of having robots take the jobs of human beings in the industrial, public safety, and military sectors; Sarcos Robotics wants to augment humans with their robotic designs.

The company has been awarded a contract by the United States Special Operations Command. It is supposed to deliver a production version of its Guardian™ XO®. Guardian™ XO® is something straight out of a movie. It is a full-body, autonomously powered robotic exoskeleton. The exoskeleton by the Sarcos Robotics is based on a previous autotype that received global recognition for is incredible functionality and innovative design. Guardian™ XO® is meant to improve the human’s strength and endurance without hampering the user’s movement.

Those wearing the suit are capable of lifting 90kg without breaking a sweat. The exoskeleton employs the use of a combination of advanced materials, algorithms, and sensors for imparting ultimate control to the wearer. It has a plethora of applications in industrial, military, and manufacturing industries.

The company is collaborating with the US armed forces, and we might soon witness a super soldier. Sarcos Robotics has invested a total of $175 million in R&D. This has been done to make sure that the system remains safe, power efficient, and intuitive. We are excited to see how the exoskeleton technology develops and finds it uses across multiple platforms.