Watch This Oil Painting Transform Dramatically After Instantly Losing 200 Years of Grimy Varnish

What are you about to see will make you jump your seats to the edge. But don’t worry, the painting is not being ruined.

In his recent Twitter video, Philip Mould, the famous host of Fake or Fortune and an art dealer, has shown the dramatic transformation of a 200-year-old oil painting, stripping off the old varnish coated over it. It’s a usual practice to coat fine art with varnish to provide a protective barrier to the elements of the painting. So when a painting becomes unsightly, it becomes necessary for art restoration experts to strip it off of its protective layer.

Restorationists use different solvents to wash off the varnish without really affecting the painting, like turpentine or some other neutralising liquid.
However, the substance Mould used on this Jacobean portrait is just way too dense to be turpentine. Whatever that substance may be, the results it produced are marvellous.

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