WATCH: This New Battery Backup System Can Help Power Your House In A Blackout


When the electricity goes out, no matter where you live, it’s terrifying. Things worsen during a huge occurrence, such as a hurricane or storm. Nothing is lit up, nothing is turned on, there is no heat, no appliances are operational, nothing. You never know when the power will be turned back on. It might be minutes, hours, days, or even weeks, and few people are prepared for a prolonged power outage. The longer the downtime, the more difficult the experience.

EcoFlow Tech, based in San Francisco, offers a battery backup solution that can now power your home for an entire week. Ecoflow’s Delta Pro displays how far it has progressed. This tiny and strong battery bank is a lightweight gas-free, emissions-free generator powerful enough to drive woodshop tools, office electronics, a portable refrigerator, or a medical device, and light enough to travel between places.

As an emergency backup generator, it will keep you charged and comfortable during a power outage, but it is so versatile that it will not collect dust while you wait for the next blackout. Delta Pro can charge an electric car enough to go another five to seven miles until you can get to a proper charger, in addition to charging your phone, drone, and laptop and running circular saws, air compressors, and lights.

The Delta Pro is equipped with a variety of power outlets ranging from USB-A to a 30A socket, can handle any electrical equipment, smart or heavy duty, and can give up to 7,200 W of AC output. Users seeking higher energy storage options merely need to purchase several Delta Pro units, which can work together to store up to 25 kWh of energy. Two Delta Pros can be linked together using a Dual Voltage Hub, and the generator cable can then be plugged into an inlet box to power your home with stored energy.

The Delta Pro alone costs $3,499, the cost rises to $6,199 as you increase the energy storage capacity and add up to a week’s worth of necessary power. Two Delta Pros with four extra batteries from EcoFlow Tech will set you back $16,999, not including the cost of solar panels to power them.


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