Watch This Monster Machine Shred Cars Into Pieces Like A Tissue Paper

This Is How A Car Breaks

Meet the Master Shredder that is also known as ‘Universal Shredder’ and has an official name of VZ-950. It has been created by a company known as Arjes and it carries out the task of shredding cars that have been disposed. The resulting products are recycled and used again.

It employs the use of a 768 horsepower diesel engine and depending upon the kind of material and tools being used, it can generate a force of about 180 t/h. It also features a reversing function that protects the tools from getting fractured. That’s understandable, since unjamming this wonderful machine would be a very tiresome and intricate job indeed. Check out the video below to see this huge monster in action and let us know what you think of it!



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