Watch This Microwave Oven Convert A Bulb Into Molten Plasma

A Microwave Oven Makes Plasma And It Is Beautiful

Which appliance in your home has the most dangerous phenomenon at work? If you said microwave oven, then you’re right. It indeed is potentially the most dangerous one. Kreosan, a YouTube channel, has come up with a video where the magnetron (component responsible for generating microwaves) can be seen in action and thus allows us to appreciate the real power that a microwave oven holds.A Microwave Oven Makes Plasma And It Is Beautiful

You can observe the incandescent bulb melts eventually since the gas contained within it gets heated up to the point where it practically turns into plasma. You can also notice the pattern of the waves that pass through the object for a couple of seconds before it explodes. The same process repeated with fluorescent results in a different but stunning observation as well; they begin to melt following an extended exposure. However, owing to the energy being transferred by the microwaves, the lamp lights up much brighter than it normally would.

Using the principle of a microwave oven, China has built a ray gun that is capable of boiling the water in human body. Who knew microwave oven was such a dangerous appliance? Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it.

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