Watch This Low-Flying Helicopter Hit A Speeding Truck At Dakar Car Rally

Even after gotten hit by a helicopter, the truck driver still managed to score second place in the race is the most amazing part of this incident. It was a close call, but fortunately, no one got injured.

The scene appeared to come right out of an action movie, wherein actual it happened in reality that a helicopter ripped off the roof of the racing truck. However, the hit wasn’t enough to affect the amazingly skilled driver’s performance.

The event takes place in South America, Africa, Middle-East and is widely known as one of the world’s most notorious racing events. But really, what was on the mind of the pilot flying the helicopter?

In actuality, it was so close to the speeding Kamaz truck because it was part of the event’s filming team and intended to take a few close pictures of the winning truck. The amazingly skilled truck driver behind the scene was Anton Shibalov, who still managed to take one of the top positions.

“Anton Shibalov’s car arrived at the finish line with a torn-open air intake on the roof of the body, an official of Shibalov’s team said to The Drive. It turned out that the organizers’ helicopter hovered too low over the track and at some point, when the truck rushing at speed, got a bump, apparently, got in an accident with the helicopter.”

When you look at the footage of the rare event, the low-hovering helicopter hits the roof of the Shibalov’s Kamaz speeding truck when it bumped up into the air after hitting a dune.

The truck finished on the second mark, as it kept speeding across the dunes after being brutally hit by the helicopter. Dmitry Sotnikov was the nearest driver who cruised the sand tracks, also in a Kamaz truck.

The way the pilot managed to minimize the loss was also something very commendable. Even after committing a slight mistake that goes on his part, he quickly got control over the caused effects.

Enjoy the bump scene in the video below, which is both a dumb mistake and a remarkable show of skills where both the drivers managed to take control.

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