Watch This Liquid Climb A Stick Thanks To The Weissenberg Effect

Hello there! Are you aware of The Weissenberg Effect? No? Well, put your engineering cap on and learn more about it here with this amazing video that shows the wonderful effect taking place on non-Newtonian fluids.

YouTube user psidot has shared a video where you can witness The Weissenberg Effect. The Weissenberg Effect happens when you insert a spinning rod into a solution of liquid that is elastic. The YouTube user psidot offers three examples of this mesmerizing effect accompanied by an important description.

You Can See The Weissenberg Effect Happening In This Video!

The video’s description states, ‘When a rod mounted in a hand drill is dipped into a liquid and rotated, for certain non-Newtonian fluids the liquid will climb the rod – sometimes to quite spectacular heights. Such rob climbing behaviour is referred to as the Weissenberg Effect. Shearing in the flow of the liquid concentrically around the rotating rod causes the component of the stress normal to the circular flow direction to become greater in magnitude compared to the two other mutually perpendicular components. This causes the fluid around the rotating rod to contract and be squeezed up along the axis of the rod causing it to in turn “climb” the rod.’

You Can See The Weissenberg Effect Happening In This Video!

The YouTube user goes on to explain that, ‘The three different fluids shown in the video, all of which exhibit the Weissenberg effect, are: (i) a natural polymer formed from a guar gum solution crosslinked with sodium tetraborate in solution, (ii) pancake batter (flour, water and egg white), and (iii) a dyed synthetic polymer consisting of white glue which has again been crosslinked with sodium tetraborate in solution.’

Check out the video below and do let us know what you think of it. It sure looks wonderfully mesmerizing, no? Don’t forget to share this with your friends to educate them about The Weissenberg Effect with this amazing video!

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