Watch This Laser Cook A Piece Of Meat


Laser technology has made tremendous strides regarding their power and the applications in the last decade or so. From garment industry to laser nuclear fusion, from everyday use in CDs and optical discs to as complex a procedure as spectroscopy heat treatment; lasers are ruling the roost of our tech savvy world. But today, you will see a laser being where even your wildest imagination cannot reach.

In a video by the famous MUNCHIES series, which is a “food hacking series re-imagining the ways of cooking and eating”, host Simon Klose got curious about Japanese cuisine. So the Swed filmmaker visited a Japanese professor Kentaro Fukuchi to explore the cutting-edge technologies that are being practised in the Japan’s culinary scene.

In this episode, you can see Simon and Kentaro fuse cutting-edge laser technology with the Japanese tradition of eating raw meat. Professor Fukuchi uses an industrial laser to fry the fat raw strips of bacon while leaving the rest intact.

Watch the video and see the bacon being cooked using the laser, along with a bunch of other cool stuff:


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