Watch This Knife Specialist Make The Best Knife In the World With Molten Meteorite

World's best knife

I didn’t believe that Knife specialists would actually be a thing since knives are just small blades that have to do most of the cutting in our kitchens. But, it turns out that I am wrong about the whole thing. Knives are an intricately manufactured product and if we aren’t careful in their making, we might end up haveing scores of blunt knives throughout our kitchen without any idea that we are doing it all wrong.

Another strange thing that I find out today is that there is also a knife specialist Bob Kramer in US to make the perfect knives. I mean being good with it is something, but a specialist? Is it really worth it? But it turns out that just like old Samurai of Japan, this is a subtle art that has lost the appeal of the world with time. Bob, however, is unfazed about that and as you can see in this video how he has made the manufacturing of knife into an eye-catching phenomenon with a lot of professional work being done on them. Watch this video and see for yourself!

Awesome, wasn’t it? This guy could be totally branding knives these days just like people started doing watches. After all, watches only show time. Knives can actually be used for multiple things!

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