Watch: This Japanese Company Is Working On A Human Washing Machine

An Osaka-based company, Science Co. Ltd, has come up with a futuristic plan to start working on the production of a human washing machine. The manufacturing of the human washing machine will be carried out under “Project Usoyaro,” which specializes in providing an exceptional bath experience to users through the incorporation of a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence system and is also equipped with state-of-the-art “fine bubble technology.” As per the company, the project will become functional by 2024 and will make its debut in 2025 at the Osaka Expo. However, it should be noted that the concept of manufacturing a human washing machine is not new as a Japanese electronics company named Sanyo Electric, already revealed it in 1970 at Osaka Expo with the name “Ultrasonic Bath”.

The project “Ultrasonic Bath”, worked on three parameters consisting of cleaning, massaging, and drying the entire body of an individual in a “15-minute automated cycle”, but it was not commercialized at that time for some unknown reasons. However, this recent project which is yet to be completed is anticipated to arrive in 2025. On the other hand, the company handling the manufacturing of the human washing machine i.e., Science Co. Ltd, is renowned for manufacturing innovative products for bathrooms and kitchens, and this upcoming product will be part of its “Mirable product line”.

Coupled with this, Project Usoyaro has been focused on providing an undeniably cool bath experience in which it will first clean the whole body of the user in a surreal atmosphere. Not to mention, a water-resistant display has been deployed within the machine that features unique images during the bath which will eventually make the whole process relaxing. In addition to this, tranquilizing music during the bath will also serve as a feather in the cap. One of the most intriguing things to note is that there are sensors integrated within the washing machine whose function is to observe the sympathetic and parasympathetic state of nerves in order to create a soothing atmosphere as per the requirements of the body.

To that end, the project, once completed, will prove to be an incredible scientific feat of its own and will prove to be a good candidate in the tech industry.

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