WATCH: This Japanese Company Has Designed Floating Houses That Are Flood-Proof

The monsoon is just around the corner, and this time, people can’t afford to lose their houses to massive floods. Given this, a Japanese housing developer, “Ichijo Komuten,” has recently unveiled an exquisite and state-of-the-art “flood-resistant house”. This flood-resistant house, which is based on contemporary technology, cannot be plunged into water during heavy floods. In addition to this, this incredibly designed house was displayed on a famous Japanese TV show as well, where it got a massive following.

There is no doubt that engineers and architects have been making efforts for a long time regarding the design of such a house, but only a few have been successful, and now this recent advancement has left everyone in awe. Ichijo also developed a test site for this newly designed house, where the functional capabilities of this house were evaluated by using an artificial flood in a simulated environment.

The site has been visited by Japan’s TBS TV station, and it was revealed that the crew didn’t find any difference between this house and a normal house initially, but as soon as the water level started rising, this incredibly built house began to demonstrate the capabilities for which it has been made for. It was observed that the house started floating a few inches above the water. This is amazing. Isn’t it?

Moreover, to put the house back into its position, there are thick iron rods that are integrated with the ground with the help of thick cables, which in turn are connected to the house. As soon as the flood goes by, this floating house comes down with the help of thick cables. The system of pipes throughout the house has a separate and special valve system that doesn’t let the water enter into the house. In addition to this, all of the electrical systems of the house, like air conditioners and sockets, are deployed on the upper storey of the house so that water doesn’t reach them and safety is ensured.

Our houses come under the effect of flooding when water enters through the windows, but engineers at Ichijo Komuten have made sure that this flood-resistant house remains safe from this effect. It has a built-in capability to settle around five meters above ground, and in this way, it becomes impossible for water to enter through the windows at such a height. Coming towards the most important thing to discuss, i.e., its price. Customers can put their hands on this technological breakthrough for just 770,000 yen, i.e., $5,700.

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