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Watch This Huge Truck Jump Over A Formula One Car

Truck jumps over car

We have always thought of trucks as heavy, grounded vehicles that can’t just simply jump. Most of the stunts that we have seen all our lives involve sedans or small cars. However, this is the first time that a truck has been made to jump so high.
Watch the scene as the giant truck jumps 83ft high to clear a moving F1 Lotus car. The car and the truck were both moving forward at an equal speed initially until the truck goes over the ramp and jumps to clear the moving lotus F1 car with ease. This daring stunt has been carried out by professional stunt drivers Mike Ryan and Martin Ivanov, who have been involved as stuntmen in various major hollywood movies such as Bond series and Fast and Furious films. The stunt was performed as part of an advert for EMC technology. Check out the video below:

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