Watch This High Voltage Electromagnet Shrink A Quarter Into Half With Immense Force

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The Physics Girl, Dianna Cowern has released a coin shrinkage video to demonstrate the power of the electromagnets.

She deployed a powerful electromagnet to shrink a quarter to half its size. The whole footage was captured by a high-speed camera showing the shrinking coin.

The electromagnetic coin-shrinking device was engineered by Joe Diprima from ArcAttack. The machine encompasses a 160-pound capacitor and battery with the maximum output of 8,000 volts. An electric spark is generated between two closely placed brass balls. The circuit safety is ensured by a leakage resistor to drain the surplus charge safely.




The coin is encased in a copper coil. Thus, a current running through the copper coil will generate a straight, parallel magnetic field. The quarter lies just in the path of the magnetic field being generated. The current reaches around 50,000 amps which isĀ in the same range as that of a lightning bolt.


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The strength of the magnetic field increases with the increase in current flow. The magnetic field induces a current of 138,000 amps in the quarter. Under the induced electric and magnetic fields, the coin experiences the Lorentz force from all sides and evenly shrinks inward.

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    Does the density of mass changes as well?, i mean does molecules get closer ergo getting smaller?

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