Watch This Guy Solve A Rubik Cube After Jumping Out Of A Plane

rubik cube while sky diving

So, it seems there is no end to crazy in the world. One would feel that once you have sky dived from the air, all of your attention should be focused on the difficult task of landing safely on the ground, but no! To think to pull off a complicated Rubik cube on the way down to the ground may seem too much to ask. I can’t even solve it on the ground and yet this supercool guy had the audacity, cool-mindedness and guts to do it while coming down like deadweight.

When you take a jump from an airplane, there are several things you need to do before you get stable in the air. You need to adjust yourself and make a good posture before letting your parachute out. The total time you have is almost a minute or two before you have to deploy the parachute. So, this guy had to solve the cube in less than that. Let’s see how he fared:

Oh he did not! People keep doing this kind of stuff and here I crashed my bike while texting! Thumbs up man!

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