Watch This Guy Pour 3 Gallons Of Nitrogen Into The Ocean

The Action Lab Pours Three Liters Of Liquid Nitrogen In Ocean

We all know about The Action Lab, right? It is a YouTube channel dedicated to explaining various scientific phenomena. Today’s featured video shows The Action Lab pouring liquid nitrogen into the ocean and recording the outcome.

The Action Lab Pours Three Liters Of Liquid Nitrogen In Ocean

For those of you who don’t know about The Action Lab, here’s the channel’s description; ‘The Action Lab is a channel dedicated to performing exciting experiments and answering questions you never thought to ask! I’ll put things in my hydraulic press, vacuum chamber and perform countless other experiments just to watch the cool phenomenon. I experiment on the world and objects around me. You’ll be so amazed that you’ll forget you are even learning anything! Please enjoy as I continually answer the “what would happen if…” questions you have. Feel free to comment with any scientific questions you have about anything. I have made my career as a PhD in Chemical Engineer, and now I want to share how awesome science and experimentation can be!’

The Action Lab Pours Three Liters Of Liquid Nitrogen In Ocean

The YouTube user brought three liters of liquid nitrogen to observe what happens when it is poured into the ocean. Liquid nitrogen is basically nitrogen in a liquid state that has a very low temperature. The temperature is so low that it is classified as a cryogenic fluid capable of causing freezing on contact with live tissue. The Action Lab poured three liters of it on the beach to assess if he could freeze a sizable chunk of the ocean.

He began the project by pouring it on the wet sand and then moved to the beach’s waters. We won’t be telling you what happened when he does that because the outcome is really cool and we would very much want for you to check out the video. He then took the experiment back home, where he illustrated what really happened when liquid nitrogen was poured onto the water. He also talks about the gaseous protective effect of liquid nitrogen.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it!

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  1. randy sanders Reply

    your headline says 3 gallons. he say 3 Liters. about 1/4 of gallons. Interesting video.

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