Watch This Guy Make An Inverted Tornado Fire Inside A Bubble

Dustin Skye & His Inverted Tornado Fire Bubble!

Meet the famous bubble artist Dustin Skye! You have probably seen his viral videos on the social media where he creates a small inverted fire tornado inside a soap bubble. The most incredible part of these videos? The bubble doesn’t break even when it is on fire!

Almost every one of us has played with soap bubbles at one point or another in our life. We have blown these bubbles and watched them float adrift. We have also played a game called ‘pop the bubbles.’ In fact, some of us even use this game for indulging our pets. The bubbles sometimes stick together taking unique forms.

Dustin Skye & His Inverted Tornado Fire Bubble!

However, none of us has enjoyed the kind of control that Dustin Skye has on his bubbles. We have never been able to make intricate shapes using soap bubbles and more importantly; we have never been able to set them on fire as Dustin Skye can. Dustin Sky is an expert in bubble making, and after watching his YouTube channel, we don’t have any arguments.

His YouTube channel says, ‘I’m an artist based out of the central Oregon coast. I specialize in bubbles.’ I specialize in bubbles – what does that even mean? Once you see the videos that he has posted, you will understand what is meant by a bubble expert. He set fire to two bubbles that remain intact even after being set on fire. Dustin Skye calls this art an ‘inverted tornado fire bubble.’

Dustin Skye & His Inverted Tornado Fire Bubble!

His video description says, ‘I’ve designed a 66mm wand for making inverted tornado bubbles and wanted to share a video showing it’s possible to do my inverted fire tornado bubble trick with it. It’s much more difficult to do handheld than with my tripod mounted 150mmwand.’

That is enough from us; time for you to watch Dustin Skye perform his magic. Check out his video below and let us know what you think of it!

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