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Watch This Guy Make A Coca Cola Cloud By Filling His Humidifier With Coke

Have you ever thought what would happen if you put Coca-Cola in a humidifier? If you have, then you are in luck because the video featured in this article will show you what happens when you put Coca-Cola in a humidifier.

The video is exciting and quite fun to watch. It will also answer your queries about whether Coca-Cola can become a cloud (or vapor) or not after it has been placed in a humidifier. The video starts off with a bit of a warm-up where it uses water as an experiment.

The experiment makes use of a mini air pressurizer and a bit of water at the bottom of a small bottle. The video begins with a demonstration that shows viewers how to create a small cloud (or some vapors) in a bottle. The experiment is a success, and the outcome looks mesmerizing, to say the least. The experiment is over within a minute.

The next part of the video is where things get really interesting and fizzy; Coca-Cola soda is used for the same experiment. A small amount of it is added to the bottom of the bottle, and the same process as before is used where pressure is applied to the bottle up until it reaches its full capacity. As soon as the bottle cap comes off, another cloud is formed.

Moving on to the fun part; does the cloud taste like Coca-Cola? As it happens, the cloud does have a faint taste of Coca-Cola. However, it can’t be confirmed for sure because it might be wafts of Coca-Cola air that might have sweetened the air and thus the smell. You can check out the whole experiment in the video below and see for yourself how a Coca-Cola vapor is formed when it is placed inside a humidifier. Do let us know what you think of the experiment!