Watch This Guy Built A Primitive Oven Using Mud

primitive oven make of mud

The host of Brave Wilderness primitive is back again with another one of his primitive creations. This time he built a primitive oven of his own from scratch and baked some freshly caught squid in it. In the beginning, he agitated fresh mud with his feet. Then he added some grass which will strengthen the mud while it dries. Then oven is made in a circular shape so that it can act like a chimney and can suck the smoke out from the top.

Once the oven takes it shapes, fire is lit inside it which can make the mud strong and hard. The remaining oven is built with grass which is used to help form the dome-shape of the oven. A fire is lit again and set to burn for a while to fix the remaining parts of the oven. The host left the fire to die out while he goes to collect a basket of fresh squid. Cleaned body and head of the squid are placed on a terracotta plate and then squeezed into the oven.

The host then created a temporary door on the front of the oven which closes it completely. Later when he had felt that the squid has been cooked, he removes the front door and pulls out the dish. It looks very well done, and the cooking method is indeed impressive.

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