Watch This Formation Of Huge Airbus A350s Pull Off Amazing Flying Stunts

Airbus Formation Flying A350 XWB planes 6

Formation flying is an art that is usually displayed by jet fighters and requires mad flying skills to execute. So yes, we are surprised and actually amazed when we found out that Airbus used 5 of the A350 XWB planes – which are brand new by the way and cost $300 million – in a stunt that is wildly amazing and superbly stunning.

The formation flying with beasts that come with a wingspan of 64.8 meters, that too with low visibility and a very low margin for error, meant that a lot of planning had been done for this event and nothing short of perfection was needed when it came to execution during the flying.Airbus-A350XWB-Formation-Flight-01 Airbus-A350XWB-Formation-Flight-02 Airbus Formation Flying A350 XWB planes 2 Airbus Formation Flying A350 XWB planes 3 Airbus Formation Flying A350 XWB planes 4 Airbus Formation Flying A350 XWB planes 5

The ex-military aviators were able to pull off the stunt down to the book and the final result looks spectacular. Three formations were carried out; Diamond, Arrow and Echelon. Two chase planes, 5 hero planes and high stakes – this is what the following video is all about folks; sheer determination and pure skill! Check out the video below and be amazed!


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