Watch This Chef Convert Kitchen Plastic Wrap Into A Working Knife Blade

One might think that the most dangerous part of a plastic wrap roll is the metal cutting blade attached at the end of the package, however, the actual danger is the roll itself. Japan’s talented knife maker turned aluminum foil into a sharp blade and now he is back with another functional blade which was made from plastic sheet wrap. He has demonstrated how a regular food wrapping sheet can be hardened, sharpened and can be used for slicing.

There are plastic knives available in the market for slicing lettuce and other delicate vegetables in stores, however, they are mostly made of nylon. On the other hand, food wraps are usually made from polyvinylidene chloride (PVC). This can go from flexible food-preserving sheets to a block of plastic which can be shaped differently and sharpened at the same time. It only requires the addition of heat which can be used melt and solidify the plastic roll.

This was days hard work to make a blade from plastic sheet wrap, which has been compiled into a ten-minute video. You can try making this if you have all the time in the world or are trying to find more followers for yourself. Otherwise, we suggest you buy a plastic knife from the market.

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