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Watch This Car Drive Sideways Thanks To It’s Futuristic Wheels

William Liddiard is an ingenious innovator who has come up with the design of futuristic car wheels. The most amazing aspect of these wheels is that they allow the vehicle to drive sideways.



Liddiard designed customized wheels to make his Toyota Echo drive sideways. The insanely crazy wheels designed by Liddiard allow the car to move in any direction.



Thanks to its new Liddiard wheels, the car can even complete a full spin. The omnidiectional wheels can be used to customize any vehicle.



Liddiard claims that the wheels can weather all storms and conditions. He confidently expressed that:

“They can take a beating,”

Liddiard is now aiming to license the technology and raise enough capital to bring his product to the market.

You can see the Liddiard wheels in this video:


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