Watch This 144-Floor Building In Abu Dhabi Get Demolished In 10 Seconds

The contractor and master developer, Modon, got his name in Guinness World Records for demolishing these high rises with explosives only in 10 seconds. These four towers were part of the Mina Plaza in Abu Dhabi and were demolished on Friday.

It was the highest building to get demolished with explosives, and Modon used 6000 kg of explosives to do so. Fortunately, all of it was carried out safely without extending any form of damage in the nearby vicinity.

They had to take these towers down because it was the plan to construct a large tourist destination in the port area. The Abu Dhabi’s Media Office made the demolition statement successful on its Twitter page shortly after the demolition.

As per a Twitter post, the demolition event took place with the support of Abu Dhabi emergency response teams, Police, Civil Defence Authority, the National Ambulance, and Disasters Management Centre in Abu Dhabi were on high alert before the explosions took place.

Modon CEO Bill Oregan said the port area was closed on Thursday for a temporary period until 4:00 PM on Friday. This was done so that a thorough post-explosion inspection is carried out.

Oregan said post-explosion inspection included checking that all the explosives have exploded, that the structure has fallen exactly where desired. And that no debris felt outside the project boundaries in the nearby vicinity.

The demolition was carried out using 18,000 explosives, all individually programmed, and plastic explosives were also included, As per the Gulf News.

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