Watch This 1000 Watt Laser Burn Away All The Rust On This Pipe

Laser rust removal

The next time you confront a particularly stubborn bit of rust, don’t run out for sand paper, chemical cleansers, and scrubbers. All you need is a high-powered cleaning laser to remove the filth that is giving you all the pain!

Laser rust removal

Watch the footage below showing a powerful 1000Watt laser cleaner do away with the nasty rust:



If the video is any indication, the first company to manufacture a laser dishwasher to remove the sticky lasagna glued to the baking tray, without pre-rinsing, will make it big!


  1. Bradley Boyce Reply

    Very interested! Would like literature and availability

  2. Troy Eason Reply

    Interested but is affordable enough for a individual to own I love tools Thanks Troy

  3. ricky davis Reply

    I am interested in learning more about this laser. How do you purchase?

  4. Dianne Wheeler Reply

    How can I get more information on the p laser. Very interested in it. Thanks.

  5. randy sanders Reply

    I have a very specific market-ready use for your Laser (not sure if it will work for This but if it does you would have a very large already-existing market to market it is) contact me please.

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