Watch These People Play Car Balancing Game On A Massive Seesaw

A game seesaw sounds pretty ordinary of a thing, but what makes it so special that instead of people, it is played between two cars.

The fun game was also pretty dangerous, as onboard weren’t only the drivers. Instead, both the cars had other passengers as well. What made it even deadlier was that all the people inside did not take safety precautions.

If you happen to be a car enthusiast and like to play car simulations, you must have witnessed those famous games where the task is to balance different cars on a seesaw.

Such games are fun to play and could be played if you have a certain level of skill. Although it shouldn’t be taken to heart, those are just games, and games are meant for fun at the end of the day.

However, doing a similar act in reality, or if I may say, playing the game in real-life, sounds a bit more dangerous than fun. But as we know, some people dare do anything. This might be one of the easy ones for them.

The Drive posted this video, after which it got pretty much fame on the internet. The video has two cars playing a game of seesaw with people inside. Neither are they using any seat belts or safety equipment inside, nor they have any rails around the giant seesaw blades to safeguard the car from falling.

Where this video originated from is not known. However, what we know now is that people do anything to fulfill their adrenaline hunger. Enjoy!

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