Wonderful Engineering

Watch These Ninja Robots Fight Each Other With Sharp Swords

Thanks to a group of ambitious engineers, letting robots handle swords, like the one in RoboCop 3, are one step closer to reality.

In this new video, robots developed by ABB Robotics unsheathe their katanas and fight each other. In this demonstration of the innovation in the robotics industry, the robots read each other moves and make counter moves. The sword fight is slow, but it just might be a tactic to make us believe that we’ll be able to escape when the robot showdown begins and we are chased by blade wielding robots.

The video is linked for your pleasure. Be amazed and/or terrified by the practice fight. As a plus, you can learn the moves of your future enemy now, so that you’ll be able to fight them when the time comes, if the time comes. Watch the fight in the video below: