WATCH: 7 Boston Dynamics Robots Put On An Amazing Dance Performance

The field of robotics is advancing fast and there are multiple innovations installed in their backend systems every day. More often than not, these innovations come through and achieve multiple milestones on the go. Even if some of them fail, they are revised and worked upon until a breakthrough is achieved. Such relentless and smart efforts of scientists and researchers have taken the field to the next level. Now, robots are not only used for industrial, medical, or service work but they are also being used for entertainment.

Recently, a company Boston Robotics has displayed their robots functioning in a manner that is only seen in animations or movies. They have programmed the robots to dance. They are seven-spot robots used for the display. They are placed in a symmetry and programmed to coordinate. They exhibit impressive dance moves that are timed perfectly.

The company stated that this innovative dance performance was a way for the company to challenge and gauge the extent to which their robots could go and to see how much the robotics team is capable of handling the unconventional movements in robotics. The whole exhibit turned out to be a great success.

The show was spectacular. However, there are some things that should be kept in mind. The robots cannot detect the music or dance by improvising with the music. They are precisely programmed for each and every movement they made in synchronization. This shows how precise and accurate their movements are. It is depicted by their marvelous synchronization. It opened avenues for further applications in the industry, showing the robots being capable of small, timely, and precise movements.

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