Watch These Cars Trash Each Other While Playing With A 8 ft Soccer Ball


You will never see soccer like this anywhere in the world!

The rules are simple, get the ball into the net. But boy, have the players changed! This version of soccer is played in the town of Red Hook, New York, USA. The game consists of two soccer teams comprising of 10 cars and two excavators. The cars try to act like the players on a soccer field, while the excavators act as goalies creating one of the most intriguing and entertaining sights.

And even if you don’t like the sport, the comical and downright crazy sight of ten cars smashing, bashing and crashing into each other while trying to put the eight ft ball into the net will keep your hooked.

The idea of this “sport” originated from an of a television show called Top Gear where the hosts played this very game. The concept kicked on and soon was converted into an annual series.

We can also see from where the popular game “Rocket League,” had got its inspiration.

Up till now, Red Hook has hosted three tournaments of car soccer. And the way its is getting popular, you can bet to see more of it in the near future.

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