Watch The World’s Strongest Man Drive A Tank Through A KFC Drive-Thru

Taking a tank through a KFC drive-thru sounds unconventional, but a British strongman has proven it’s possible. Eddie Hall, a former world’s strongest man, accomplished this feat by taking a demilitarised CVR-T scimitar he purchased from Tanks-a lot. In the general public’s view, it’s a tank, although the military pedants would refer to it as an armored reconnaissance vehicle. The tank in consideration runs on a Jaguar 4.2 liter petrol engine along with a lower compression modification, enabling it to run correctly on lower-quality fuel.

Furthermore, the tank is road legal with a speed limit of 20mph. The drive-thru around the famous fast food restaurant was tight, which ultimately required a deft touch at the tank’s control. The driver’s view from the tank was so limited, which made the task at hand more arduous, and Hall also didn’t want to scrape the walls or clip the curbs. The Scimitar is much smaller than a fully equipped battle tank which helped Hall make it to the order speaker without any problem. Hall ordered a 12-piece Boneless Feast and a Sprite.

The next objective for Hall was to squeeze his tank up to the window where he would have to pay and collect his meal. To swipe his card and gather his meal, Hall used a litter picker as the driver was on the other side of the vehicle. Although the stunt Hall pulled may seem harmless, it makes him guilty of a dire offense. A fast food drive-thru is no place to pull such audacious acts. It’s a place for busy and desperate people with a very calculated time in their lives to get their greasy food quickly and efficiently respectively. Hall’s act for the sake of a video caused a delay for several customers as Hall struggled to grab his food items. After going through the KFC’s drive-thru Eddie Hall parked his tank among the hatchbacks in the parking. It turned out to be a picnic on a tank’s body for Eddie as the flat surface of the Scimiter worked as a serving table for having the colonel’s finest.

Eddie Hall had previously attempted this when he took his Scimiter through the McDonald’s and his tank to a car wash.

It is thrilling to take your tank if you own one for some fried chicken; clearly, it also serves a good laugh for the onlookers. Although don’t think of pulling this act in a battle tank with a full-size gun, as the probability of making it through this without an incident is relatively low. We suggest a sign posted up at every drive-thru: Light Tanks Only.

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