Watch The World’s Most Powerful Humanoid Robot Taking Brutal Kicks

Chinese robotic systems firm Unitree has made headlines with its latest innovation, the H1 humanoid robot, heralded as the “world’s most powerful general-purpose humanoid robot.” The company, based in Hangzhou, has been a key player in quadrupedal robotics and is now expanding its reach into the humanoid sector.

The H1 robot boasts an advanced powertrain that provides exceptional speed, power, maneuverability, and flexibility, positioning it as a groundbreaking development in the field. Unitree Robotics, established in 2017, aims to democratize legged robotics, making them as ubiquitous and cost-effective as smartphones and drones.

Standing at approximately 71 inches (1800mm) and weighing 100 lbs (47kg), the H1 features internally developed high-torque joint motors and gear trains by Unitree, showcasing the company’s expertise in essential leg mechanics and drive systems. Equipped with a 3D LiDAR sensor, depth camera, and a 15-ah battery, the robot demonstrates a walking speed comparable to humans at 3.4mph (5.6 km/h).

In a promotional video, Unitree engineers attempt to disrupt the H1’s movement by kicking it, highlighting the robot’s remarkable balance and stability. With 5 degrees of freedom in the leg joints and 4 degrees of freedom in the arms, the H1 showcases its versatility for various industries and applications.

While an official release date hasn’t been disclosed, Unitree plans to initiate deliveries in the first quarter of 2024, with orders now open at an anticipated price of approximately $150,000.

Unitree’s prowess extends beyond humanoid robots, as demonstrated by its quadruped robot B1. This robot showcases the future of AI technology applications, particularly in inspection sectors. Equipped with advanced recognition devices and a 3D LiDAR for automatic path planning and collision avoidance, the B1 reduces errors and time costs significantly during inspections.

With a focus on providing commercially available consumer models at budget-friendly price points, Unitree competes with industry giants like Boston Dynamics, emphasizing accessibility and practical applications for its robotic innovations. As the company continues to push the boundaries of robotics, it brings us closer to a future where legged robots are as commonplace as other everyday technologies.

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