Watch The World’s Fastest Camera Drone Chasing An F1 Car At 200 MPH

From package delivery to surveillance, drones have revolutionized various industries, none more so than TV broadcasting. In sports, viewers now enjoy incredible camera angles thanks to zippy camera drones. However, in Formula 1, speed and stability have been limiting factors—until now.

Red Bull and Dutch Drone Gods collaborated to create the world’s fastest camera drone, capable of keeping up with—or even surpassing—a modern F1 car. This challenge demanded a drone that’s not just fast and agile, but also has enough battery capacity for high-speed flying for laps and records high-quality video.

Drone pilot Ralph Hogenbirk and his crew initially raced their first prototype against a decommissioned F1 car at a drag strip, where the drone won, though not by much. The real test was to build a drone that could follow an F1 car around a circuit.

After refining their design, the team tested the drone at Silverstone with Red Bull reserve driver Liam Lawson. Despite challenges like poor stability and intermittent video connection, the team continued to improve the drone. Red Bull Racing HQ collaborated with Hogenbirk to create a lighter, more powerful, and agile drone with a better camera.

Returning to Silverstone for the final test against Max Verstappen in his RB20, the team faced British weather limiting speeds. However, the footage captured was impressive, showcasing the drone’s speed and maneuverability.

The skills required to operate the drone at such speeds, avoiding obstacles like Silverstone’s bridges, are remarkable. Even the three-time F1 champ was impressed. The development of this drone highlights the incredible advancements in drone technology and its potential applications beyond sports broadcasting.

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