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Watch The World’s Coolest Custom Flame-Throwing Wheelchair In Action

Engineer built a cool flame throwing wheelchair and internet is going crazy about it.

A guy who refurbishes wheelchairs for those in need has installed one of them with a flame thrower. And it is as crazy as it sounds.

Some things are not meant to be together as putting them together would waste both; such examples include water with oil, toothpaste and orange juice, Microsoft and Apple, and countless others. The same would sound for a flame thrower on a wheelchair. However, an engineer with his wholesome skills has done it, and it works perfectly well.

The Youtube channel ‘Coolest Things’ with yet another amazing built has developed a flame-throwing wheelchair, and their invention seems to be coming out of a science fiction movie.

Lance Greathouse, the guy who built this, is a dental repairman and works his free time following his passion for such amazing and fun builds. His story dates back to when his brother had Parkinson’s disease and had to use a wheelchair for a while. He helped his beloved brother by building a custom tank wheelchair.

Since then, he started his own Wheelchairs Lab and helped disabled people free of cost. His organization now runs on donations.

His latest flame-throwing custom wheelchair is the coolest of all; believe me, you don’t want to miss having a look at it in the video below. Enjoy!

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