Watch The World’s Biggest RC Plane Take To The Skies For The Very First Time

This is definitely going to be an eye-opening, large-scale DIY experiment that you have never seen before. This team from the YouTube channel named “FliteTest” got an amazing idea in their minds to build the world’s biggest RC airplane from foam, and to do this, they decided to collaborate with a renowned professional who could give attention to detail to this project. Hence, they found Peter Sripol, who is a well-known professional in aviation and an expert in manufacturing “manned ultralight aircrafts from foam and flying them.” It is hard to believe how these guys achieved this unbelievable task, but once you see the video, you will get to know how efficiently they planned each step and achieved their desired target in the end. Watch the video below for some thrilling details:

Peter Sripol was the main lead behind designing this incredible airplane with a huge bulk of foam. The team had also done an amazing job by building the main parts of the aircraft, like the elevator and rudder, etc., and then cutting them off from the foam after the approval of Peter. They also put the instruments through the flight test, as can be seen in the video, and we can say from watching that they definitely had a lot of fun during the whole process. It has to be noted that Peter is such an experienced guy in DIY aircraft manufacturing that he once made a whole new electric plane by himself in his home and put that on record as well.

This time, the team behind the manufacturing of this world’s biggest foam RC plane has also dropped some impressive specifications about the materials that have been deployed in the making of this incredible plane, and you wouldn’t believe your eyes. The team used a very light EPS foam to construct a layer on the flying surfaces where required. Also, a denser layer of green foam board has been used to construct the fuselage, and the most interesting thing to note is that the team purchased these things from a nearby home building store. Furthermore, they installed four powerful motors that work like propellors for this aircraft and help it achieve an altitude by generating lift. Watch the amazing video pinned above and let the world breathe the power of creativity.

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