Watch The US First Firefighting Robot Tackle A Fire Scene In LA

Fire in a building could cause great damages in terms of lives and financial loss. Hence, it is necessary to control these accidental fires on time so that it doesn’t escalate, and the loss could be minimized as much as possible.

For a much modern solution to such accidents, the Los Angeles fire department has introduced Thermite RS3. It is a robotic firefighter with immense capabilities.

The robot is a remote-controlled rover with a capacity of pumping out thousands of gallons of water per minute with a great force. It is far more effective in fighting the situation compared to conventional ways. And the best part is that it involves the minimum risk for a firefighter to get injured.

Howe & Howe Technologies is a Maine-based robotics company from Textron and is responsible for producing this amazing life-saving firefighting robot.

Each firefighting robot weighs 1600 kilograms and can cruise around at the max speed of 13 km, respectively. It has a diesel engine that produces 36 horse-power that offers twenty-hours of non-stop firefighting operations on a single tank.

A stretchable hose is connected to the Thermite RS3, which can go 300 feet horizontally and 150 feet vertically while in action. And is equipped with a nozzle that allows it to throw 9,500 liters of water every minute.

The robot is controlled by a belly-pack controller, which has a screen to guide it in the right direction even when it’s super smoky. To have a look at how it is controlled, watch the video.

The fire department members are trained on how to use Thermite RS3 for effectively putting out the fire scenes. It has already been used in fighting a commercial fire incident on Tuesday.

It offers an unmatched fire fighting capability and will aid in the future to control over fires in large commercial buildings, wooden structure fires, wildfires in the forests, and fuel tanker fires, respectively. The video shows the novel firefighting robot in action for the first time.

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