Watch The Tesla Model 3 Taking On BYD’s Seal In An Electric Drag Race Showdown

Two names consistently rise to the surface when electric vehicles are discussed—Tesla and BYD. These global giants have been engaged in a subtle competition, and what better way to gauge their prowess than a head-to-head drag race between the Tesla Model 3 and the BYD Seal? As the saying goes, the proof of the pudding is in the eating; in this case, it’s on the asphalt.

In the dynamic world of electric vehicles, Tesla’s Model 3 emerged as an instant sensation upon its 2017 debut. Overcoming the “production hell” hurdles from 2017 to 2019, the Model 3 soared to become the best-selling EV in the US, outshining even Chevy’s Bolt EV. A testament to its global appeal, the Model 3 secured the top-selling EV spot worldwide in 2018, relinquishing the title only to Tesla’s own Model Y in 2020. The Model 3 has even cracked the top 10 best-selling cars globally, showcasing its dominance in a market where electric cars battle their gasoline counterparts.

Meanwhile, BYD, the pioneering Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer, entered the arena with its highly anticipated Seal electric sedan in July 2022. With dimensions comparable to the Tesla Model 3, the BYD Seal positioned itself as a direct competitor, measuring 4,800 mm (189?) in length compared to the Model 3’s 184.8?. In the pricing tussle, BYD strategically undercut Tesla in China, offering the Seal at 189,800 yuan ($27,500), providing an enticing option with a range of up to 550 km (342 miles). In contrast, Tesla’s Model 3, starting at 261,400 yuan (about $36,700), boasted a slightly higher range of 606 km (377 miles).

The battle extends to Europe, where the Tesla Model 3 Long Range flaunts a range of up to 421 miles. Sporting a 75 kWh battery and two electric motors, the Model 3 flexes its muscles with an estimated 490 horsepower and 490 nm of torque. In the opposing corner, BYD’s Seal enters with 530 horsepower and 670 nm torque, also equipped with dual electric motors. A drag race, the ultimate litmus test for performance, was orchestrated by UK-based Carwow, pitting the Tesla Model 3 against the BYD Seal.

Unveiling the weights and costs, the Tesla Model 3, at 1,840 kg (4,050 pounds), remains a relatively light heavyweight in the UK market, priced at £50,000 ($63,000). On the other side of the ring, BYD’s Seal starts at £48,695 ($61,500) and tips the scales slightly higher at 2,055 kg (4,500 pounds).

The drag race spectacle commenced with an “Eco” or “Chill” mode showdown, where both contenders, though limited in performance, saw the Model 3 nudge ahead. However, as the race escalated to the “Sport” mode, the real battle unfolded. The difference in performance became pronounced, leaving enthusiasts and onlookers in suspense—Tesla or BYD? The answer is a closely guarded secret until the riveting conclusion unfolds in the full race video.

As the adage goes, the devil is in the details, and in this case, it’s in the thunderous roar of electric motors pushing these titans to their limits.

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