Watch The New Rivian R1S EV Complete An Incredible Steep Climb On A Rocky Hill

We’ve seen the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck and R1S SUV out driving many times. The company has made no attempt to hide these vehicles. Electric automaker Rivian is still working toward the first deliveries of its vehicles, and the testing is going well.

The company’s CEO RJ Scaringe recently released a video with the all-electric SUV, displaying some incredible off-road capabilities and performance in a steep rocky hill.

The video shows an R1S, wrapped in salmon-coloured skin, seemingly defying gravity and logic with the climb. The rock appears to be extremely sloped and incredibly intimidating. However, the R1S manages to climb the rock formation with ease, eliminating the doubts that this vehicle cannot handle the severe off-road conditions. There are small portions of tire spinning, but it never results in any backtracking or difficulty from the car. The R1S is truly impressive.

R1S’s, with its ground-breaking design, has a 34.3-degree approach angle and a ground clearance of 14.9 inches (37.8 cm). Meanwhile, a break over of 28.9 degrees protects the undercarriage of the car.

It would not be wrong to say that the vehicle is designed specifically to handle aggressively steep and rough terrains. Rivian’s R1S will begin deliveries later this year and come with an Adventure and an Explore package. The R1S starts at $70,000.

Back in 2019, Scaringe made it clear that charging one of these electric super powerful vehicles would not be a reason to worry.  

“The days of not having charging infrastructure everywhere are going to vanish. We grew up in a world where cell coverage wasn’t everywhere, but somebody born in 2002 just doesn’t know that world. The kids born today won’t know a world in 15 years where there isn’t charging infrastructure everywhere. Part of the infrastructure we’re going to build is in those remote locations, so it’s easy to pick up electrons when you’re farther from urban areas.,” said the CEO.

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