Watch The New iPhone 6S Being Put Under A Load Testing Machine

iphone bendgate5

So, it seems that the bendgate scandal that stopped Apple from achieving its sales targets was taken very seriously by the tech giant. In the new iPhones, the California-based company is actively promoting its 7000 series Aluminium covers that don’t bend even at a ridiculous amount of pressure, which the phones won’t have to face normally. In previous iPhone 6 and 6 plus, the phone would bend if someone sat somewhere with them in the back pocket. Apple was left red-faced in the smartphone market after this revelation and it was called the bendgate scandal.

iphone bendgate

Now the material engineers of the company have made the new phones from an Aluminium alloy that is much harder to crack under pressure. SquareTrade did simple bend tests on the new iPhones and found out that it could sustain almost 170 pounds of pressure on it, which is almost the same sustained by a Note 5. The iPhone 6s plus, on the other hand, doesn’t bend until the pressure is 18o pounds.

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The new iPhones are better equipped to handle water damage and cracking under impact. They survived drops from six feet on their backside several times, but on being dropped screen-face, they cracked on the first impact just like their Samsung counterparts.
iphone bendgate4

So, Apple took bendgate very seriously and has come up with an alternative material. The new iPhones are five times as strong as previous ones. Now, all they have to do is find shatter proof glass for their screens because that is missing.

[via Techinsider]

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