Watch The New Electric SUV By Mercedes Spin In Place – Thanks To Its Innovative Wheels

Mercedes-Benz, a German luxury automotive brand, has introduced the most anticipated version of its electric SUV off-roader. It has come up with a special “G-turn” that allows the vehicle to at a hasty speed around its own axis. This feature has fascinated automotive enthusiasts for quite a while now, and now it is finally available on a Mercedes-branded SUV.

Four quad motors are being deployed on each of its wheels, which provides extra torque on each side. Two sides of the EGQ would spin in the opposite direction and thus contribute to the spinning motion of this car, just like the windmill. This electric vehicle performs its spin-balancing feats on a dirt track in a mesmerizing way, but it is not sure whether it may pull it off on the harder track in such a graceful way as it did on the dirt pathway.

However, according to some reports, this magnanimous off-roader will become commercially available in 2024 with an estimated starting price of $150,000. These statistics are correct to the extent of rumors because the company has not revealed much of its official information related to its pricing and other parameters.

As can be seen in the video, the car drives diagonally after spinning out, and this is just a beautiful sight to behold. The US car manufacturer GMC’s Crab Mode has also shown a visual representation of this kind, but the analysts think that this Mercedes EGQ off-roader is the most impressive of all. It should be noted that this is not the first time such a stunt has been performed. Previously, the start-up company for electric vehicles, “Rivian”, had pulled off the analogous achievement in 2019.

Behind every discovery, the need for the invention is always taken into consideration. We know how saturated the markets for automobiles have become these days, and to actually differentiate your product in the market, you have to come up with a unique selling proposition (USP). This is the only way you can survive in the market and compete in a top position, and that’s what Mercedes did.

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