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Watch The New Boeing 787-9 Take-Off Vertically Into The Sky

What’s scarier than a motion ride? Apparently being in this Boeing when it takes off. But hey, these take offs are quite seamless and comfortable. You’d be in for a huge surprise if you happen to board this 787 Dreamliner that made its test flight with the Boeing pilots showing off their expertise.

As part of the practice for the Paris Air Show that begins on 15th June, the crew is rehearsing for the aerobatic display that will be exhibited at the art show. The aircraft executed an almost vertical take-off with us going like ‘Oh God, Don’t Fall back. Please Don’t Fall’. It took off from Washington and carried out a number of advanced maneuvers.

According to the Boeing website, the Dreamliner is a jet that “applies breakthrough technologies to an all-new airplane design. The advanced features of the 787 increase efficiency, simplify airplane ownership and operation, and significantly improve the air travel experience.”

Boeing further added that the ascent isn’t as tensed for the passengers as it might seem like from the video. Even with that, we sure are never going to board this flight.

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